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    Welcome to Osprey Networks,
                This project is to share our radio content with all others
    whom would like to air our shows. This is how we would like to syndicate our shows 
    to the masses. We are a small group of hard working people who do radio shows
    for our radio station Osprey Networks but once a show is done 
    its out the door & on to the next one. This is a way for us to give back to the 
    internet radio community, to help the small stations with free content for there 
    struggling station. While allowing the listeners to download the entire archive 
    of a show/s for there enjoyment! 
    Rev. Eli Sanford 

    About the Shows: 
    this is a 2hour debate show with the common man 
    hosted by Rev. Eli Sanford. we go over a large
    range of topics from the paranormal to politics 
    Pointless Audio
    this is a very funny but serious prank call show
    done by tuneman & the osprey gang
    White Rose Church
    this is radio surmons from the White Rose Church
    an uplifting nondenominational services for all whom
    To Be Announced
    This is the rantings of Teptep & guests 
    pure fun for all involved. smart, funny & wisecracking
    wit that you will only get here on TBA
    Disbanded Ethics
    the remains of a fail experment that refuses to die
    this is the show to end all shows! its 2hours of the 
    craziest antics this side of alpha centuri. it defines
    The Miscellaneous genre